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PUERTO RICO - a child-friendly introduction written as part of the Exploring Geography series at Mama Smiles - Joyful Parenting

Exploring Geography: Puerto Rico

Judith Ortiz Coffer is an Puerto Rican girl that was faced with hardship about self-image at a young age. She is a very dynamic character because in the end she realizes, "who cares what others think of her" and becomes an "exotic" woman which represents her pride in herself.
Puerto Rico, Puerto Rican flag, flags of the world
Puerto Rican Natural Driftwood Flag with Sea by GitanaDeLaPlaya

Puerto Rican Natural Driftwood Flag with Sea Glass, Cowrie Shell, Indian Saris, Recycled Jeans

This is the most beautiful flag in the world.
Puerto Rican Flag in Chicago
Love a Puerto Rican....yes and I can read, laugh, write, speak two languages and can cook, make love, kiss you like you have never been kissed all while making you an unforgettable meal.
Captain Puerto Rico...

Captain Puerto Rico...