Bjd, with beautiful ocean eyes. The hair is perfect color too, perfect merman...

Vampire-a detective can walk into danger and saves people without worrying too much over his health. Kids now give him decorated corks to fill in his 'holes'

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I am not the biggest fan of regency dresses (because I love tiny-waist-line ).but somehow my Ingenue just wanted this type of dress to wear :)

LUTS - Ball Jointed Dolls (BJD) company :: Delf, Bluefairy, Blythe, Doll items like wig, clothes, shoes and Doll faceup materials

What Is a Ball Jointed Doll

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Atelier Enaibi -Carmalyne- - Page 67 Don't care for the horns/tail. But gives a lovely alternative for ears/feet.

Isabelle walking. Love this shot. :)

If I'm correct this is an obitsu but I love the pose for doll photography.

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Commission wig (natural angora hair) for our customer. Model - Iplehouse nYid Bianca - Koti Outfit, wig & face-up by Amadiz Studio.