The "Atom's Family" (to the tune of the Addam's Family song) -great for teaching the different parts of the Atom! The kids WILL sing it! This song originally only had 2 verses when it was first published and a student in my class wrote the verse.

FREE Build an Atom Activity! Students use colored circles made from a hole puncher (punched before class) and glue them to create atom models.

Atoms & elements science doodle notes, interactive notebook, mini anchor chart

Looking for a fun, engaging instructional resource for teaching atoms and elements? Why not give doodle notes a try? This Doodle Note will aid in student concept retention, focus, creativity, and engagement.

Atom foldable for Interactive Science Notebook

Atomic Structure Tabbed Flip Book for Interactive Notebooks

This is a perfect size for INBs. It can be used as a stapled booklet or as individual bell work pages. Great as a study guide for a unit test!

Science Matters: Atoms: Tasty Atomic Models