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"Uphill Marathon 2016" Poster, (2016) by 'Mizuno Sportswear International' - GraphicArt and Design Poster from "Nazca Saatchi&Saatchi" - Art Director and Illustration by André Fukumoto/Raphael Rosa, Typography by A. Fukumoto/R. Rosa
What an art director actually wants to see in your photography portfolio - interview with art director and designer Corissa Bagan
We investigate what the art director role entails and offer some career advice with the help of three leading art directors.
The Best Book Covers of 2016 - The New York Times
<b>Biennale Golden Bee</b><br>Design Firm bankov posters, Prague; | Creative Team Peter Bankov, art director/designer | Client Golden Bee Biennale Moscow | Details This poster is for a biennial event, the Golden Bee in Moscow.
So you want to be an art director? #infographic
El #marketing #inmobiliario y los #Colores #Inmobiliaria #ElPrimerPiso #Creixell
collages-by-eugenia-alejos-2 | Trendland                                                                                                                                                                                 More
How to become an art director | Career | "You are the new generation, get to grips with what’s been done, evolve it and do it better! Come up with wild ideas and have them fuck each other to spawn mutant idea babies who’ll take over the world. Why? Because a great idea is one that scares the living pants off of you."
Bernardo Silveira - KissFM
Art Director of LIV-BCN 2015 branding. Screen print, risograph & digital press pack designed and printed by Isobel Seacombe and myself. Published: July 17, 2015
Shift Your Design Career into High Gear by Becoming an Art Director #GraphicDesign #DesignCareers #ArtDirection
Kevin Lunsong's Resume - How an Art DIrector's Resume is suppose to look like