Studio Gang Architects | Recombinant House  Ideas for sectional sketch diagrams @Aaliyah Muhammad

Proposed project of solving the problem of foreclosure in Cicero by Studio Gang Architects as building typology study. The ways the space can be used, re-purposed and create new jobs in the area.

3d architecture programmatic diagram - Google Search

Harvest Green: Vertical Farm by Romses Architects wins Competition

Romses Architects’ Harvest Green Project, a winning entry in Vancouver’s "The 2030 Challenge," explores urban vertical farming in mixed-use buildings.

Oh my Guy (Debord)!! amazing architectural diagrams by Frank Dresmé of 21IBS

Urban Transects Revisited #2

[Image: From Project by Frank Dresmé]. Here’s an old project by Dutch graphic designer Frank Dresmé. Called Project it used the idea of the “transect” as a way to map a…

architectural circulation diagram - Google Search

Development Diagrams

Basic diagrams displaying formal and circulation interactions on the site, simple programmatic layout of communal spaces and classrooms/labs, section cuts along both axes showing the multi-height spaces as well as the cantilevered classrooms.