L'oreal, Cover girl, revlon, maybelline, etc ALL test on animals. Look for the "leaping bunny" label & buy only cruelty-free products!

I only buy cruelty free products:) I hope saving animals appeals to you:) Beauty can only be truly beautiful when it's cruelty-Free. [ARTICLE + LINK to LIST of cruelty-Free cosmetics, at the bottom of the article]

Please look for products that state no animal testing

Please look for products that state no animal testing

Help End Animal Testing in the USA!

Dear intelligent people of the world, don’t get shampoo in your eyes. It really stings. Now fucking stop torturing animals. ~ Ricky Gervais See? Real men actually speak up and out against cruelty and murder.

I HAVE a beagle, and recently I had discovered they are constantly blinded with shampoo testing. STOP ANIMAL ABUSE, PLEASE! Only buy products that aren't harming animals just to do their stupid production!


Animals are not ours to experiment on! Never buy "new and improved" cosmetics and household products. Those terms indicate even more animals suffered and died because of that product.

Animal Testing Could be Reduced with Newly Developed Technology!

Why doesn`t animal testing make sense? Because you are about as genetically similar to a rat as you are to a banana!