Afro samurai by Mariusz Szulc....loved this character!

16 Illustrations by Mariusz Szulc

Afro Samurai – FuTurXTV & FUNK GUMBO RADIO: and

Watch Afro Samurai Resurrection (Movie) online English dubbed full episodes for Free.


Afro Samurai: The art style was amazing, the voice acting was fantastic and the plot thickened with every moment.

Afro / Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai art gallery containing characters, concept art, and promotional pictures.

Afro Samurai Art Print

Here are my two prints for Hero Complex Gallery's show entitled KUNG FU THEATER (*Not Limited to Kung Fu)Co-curated by Craig Drake & Adam SmasherI chose to give my nod to Takashi Okazaki or who Sam Jackson calls "Bob".

Kuma ( Afro Samurai )

afro samurai kuma -I can never look at teddy bears in the same way again.

Afro Samurai

I know next to nothing about Afro Samurai but for my last pummel the subject was hip-hop samurai. I did a Beastie Boy piece that ws pure crap so I did this one in like 5 hours before the deadline.

"Pamela Redux" by Nisha-LU on TegakiE                              …

knifeandlighter: Good god

Black and White female tattoos sword afro Character Design street samurai artist credits cyberpsychic