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astrolocherry: “ “ Sun in the Ninth House - The Permanent Passport “The universe is my God, and I am the universe” People with Sun in the house expand into rapturous solar light, soaking the mind in experiences that reveal sacred meaning in every.

What Happening Inside Your Brain on LSD Trip Infographic. Topic: psychedelic drug, acid trip, psychedelics, magic mushroom, experiment.

What’s Happening Inside Your Brain on LSD Trip? [Infographic]

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murderedby: “Flowers ” ▲ obey the prophecy ▲ the door to wonderland

Your guide to a safe acid trip | Dazed

Your guide to a safe acid trip

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It is believed I was given a mixture of many different drugs, maybe also LSD, which is know for causing psychosis. I had never had any experience with drugs before - not even seen it/them.

Not really sure why there's a morning glory trumpet, because i'm pretty sure…

I am so digging this psychedelic feel of this room.

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