same Luke same......their scary and cuddling helps....i usually cuddle into the corner of the couch with my pillow and blanket hahaha

I really wanna cuddle with Luke when I watch horror movies bc I'm so freaking scared of horror movies. And I wanna cuddle Luke Hemmings

Michael clifford, 5 seconds of summer, 5sos facts,

Michael clifford, 5 seconds of summer, facts,>> he's like everything I am except I'm not Scottish or Australian

5 Seconds of Summer Facts MINE IS RED TOO!!!! WE'RE PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER!!!!>>> same. Ash. MARRY ME

Disney with 5SOS © (Ashton Irwin) - Ferris Wheel

5 Seconds of Summer Facts

Calum writes the most songs Facts ♡>> why I'm a calum girl >> well he does a pretty good job am I right fam?

I hate to say this cuz I feel prideful but I hate when people don't think they're beautiful. I think I'm beautiful in my own way! I don't want that to sounds vain but it's true. You should know that you are beautiful too -Katherine

Dang it goodbye luke<<<I can kiss every bit of hope I have left goodbye

Oh Niall...the things this boy will do to get into 5sos..

Oh Niall.the things this boy will do to get into when one direction will get together again Niall will suddenly be an Australian dude and Luke will be Irish. Maybe they swapped maybe they didn't😂❤

I love all of them!!! They literally all have bits and pieces that I can relate to!

But Mikey and i are both very clingy, like to dye our hair, love video games and are really loud.