My mouse has a back and close button that   my hand keeps on bumping so this is useful.
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To lose 1 pound of fat, you must run for over 3 hours. Run for 27 minutes a day, lose a pound a week.
Hacking away at parenting!
19 Pantry Organization Hacks That Will Change Your Life
There are so many worries that we think about on a daily basis. If only there were quick and efficient ways to make life easier...oh wait, there are! Check out these 20 life hacks below! They'll help you tackle life's messes without getting your hands dirty. 1) Need to save up some extra money? Easy.   2) "Permanent" marker is anything but!   3) Score some major coin for your coin....
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Life Hacks Part 4 - Imgur
You're welcome
Seeing if this works. It will help out at school so much
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gini's notes: Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts
LH #1944 / My personal experience says this is true. Try it & see. What do u have to lose?
@leydaly27 This was what I was trying to look for, I just saw this on pinterest and remembered that you were filling out your FASFA and just thought this might help. If your done already its ok. But this can help for future reference! OH AND I AM SUPER SORE FROM OUR WORKOUT!! lol
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