Yes, because at such a time people are not at their best nor their worst; no thought is given to faking it up when half awake & half asleep & so reality is clearly visible.

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Not even in a dramatic way. We become consumed with our insecurities and doubts and lose all hope for a brief period of time until we are reassured that someone cares. I just want to feel loved

Missing someone!❤️ It is and I woke up missing you as I do every everyday, hour, minute and second of my life! You are my heart and are the love of my life! It was AMAZING the other night baby

86 Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life

86 Inspirational Quotes That Will Change Your Life 41

30 Quotes That Will Make You Rethink Your Life

I won't give up, I will fight for 'us' til my last dying breath. You and I are meant to be together. You need space you got it, I will be here for you when you want to talk or whatever it is you need. I love you and that's a fact.

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Looks like she got all that she needed and wanted out of me just to destroy another person that she was jealous of- but not really- the loser is the user- Not the one who fell for the fakery and lies-(Fitness Inspiration Quotes)

The most precious gift you can give..

Top 30 Motivational Quotes for Success

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"You will search for me in another person I promise - and you will never find me." Inspiring relationship - breakup quotes for her or him.

I have never been so comfortable with you than I ever have with another girl babe, you don't judge me and love me for who I am. I have told you things no one else knows because I trust you thank you for being part of my life, Tu me manques