Lisbon, Portugal @ Baixa district (downtown) - the portuguese Arch of Triumph - Rua Augusta

Fort of São João Baptista (Fort of the Berlengas), Portugal

Fort de Saint John the Baptist Berlenga Island Portugal. Saw a wonderful exhibit about the birds on Berlenga, want to go there!

Portugal, Porto

Porto (occasionally also known as Oporto in English) is the second-largest city in Portugal, after Lisbon, and one of the major urban areas in Southern Europe and the capital of the second major gr.


Torre dos / Tower of Clérigos, Porto - PORTUGAL. Built from 1754 to 1763 under the supervision of the Italian architect Nicolau Nasoni.

Viana do Castelo, Portugal

Viana do Castelo, Santa Luzia, Portugal. Medieval castles, cobblestone villages, captivating cities and golden beaches: the Portugal experience can be many things.

Castelo de Almourol, Portugal

Castelo de Almourol, Portugal - Medieval castle located on a small islet in the middle of the Tagus River. The castle was part of the defensive line controlled by the Knights Templar, and a stronghold used during the Portuguese Reconquista.

Castelo de Guimarães #Portugal

The Castle of Guimarães is located in the town of Oliveira do Castelo , city and county of Guimarães , in the district of Braga in Portugal .

Padrão dos descobrimentos | Belém #Portugal #travel #Belem

Lissabon - Belém, Lisbon , Portugal - Monument to the Discoveries and Cristo Rey in distance

Castelo de Almourol #travel #portugal

Castelo de Almourol #travel #portugal