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Black and gray tattoos …

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Sunset, sea, palm tree to cover my back tattoo

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rune tattoo, viking runes and ink tattoos.

38 Gorgeous Landscape Tattoo Designs Inspired by Nature

38 Gorgeous Landscape Tattoos Inspired by Nature - TattooBlend

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Moon sun and sea // gray/stippling/shading of sun

mountain thighpiece

Time and Tide Tattoo- Bloomington, IN.

just wanted to say that i love the linework on this one :) Alleged Tattoos -- Lisa Orth

Ocean sunset Linework Engraving Etching Woodcut Tattoo by Lisa Orth

If Lemony Snicket and Death By Murder had a tattoo baby together, this would be it.

Sacha Foteev - across the pond ish

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But again, I think the line work will make this too heavy compared with the mountain side. Maybe instead of the continuous lines, we could try a dash dot type thing like in the triangular tattoo.

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— evandavistattoo This with the cottage tree