Eusebio Ferreira

Eusebio Ferreira

Eusebio Ferreira
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How to Make a Tire Rocker -- via

How to Make a Tire Rocker. Here's a cute way to recycle those old tires in your garage, Build your kid a rocker for him to enjoy! Find yourself an old tire, clean it very well and measure and find it's center.

Ponds in series

Beautiful evergreen trees with a water pond in the middle that goes and goes. This is a place to get away from it all. Just sit and still quiteness, except that from nature. Love the sound of the water singing.

DIY VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine)

DIY Wind Turbine - A Survivalists Dream DIY VAWT (Vertical Axis Wind Turbine) -- I'd love to live off the grid but still have power for my luxuries. Yes, I want to have my cake and eat it too.