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got this from @sad_tweets . this hit hard... so its the quote of the day for today i hope you like it 🍵THE NICKNAMED🍵 🏆hutcherfan: @abs_doesnt_have_abs 🏆 😍ibf since day one: @jsross2007 😍 ♈️ur peachy aries: @somestrangeeggos ♈️ ⛵️my fav sailing buddy: @addison_0117⛵️ 💗the betty to my veronica: @-pretty-poisons- 💗 🥚rat: @xxxweall_floattooxxx 🥚 🍜THY GOD OF RAMEN: @lafayeete 🍜 🤑bug boy: @doomcrossing 🤑 🥵hot bun girl: @gracethemakeupgeek 🥵 🥋that karate girl: @kim_crawford 🥋 💎sims: @its_me_henry19 💎 🤪the hyper one: @hypehouse_girls28 🤪 🤨child: @wolf_-_spirit 🤨 😂and i oop: @donutcatt 😂 😎the coolest ever: @faithcastillo1173 😎 🥺the innocent scorpio: @mariag_edits 🥺 ☎️the vintage gal: @cartoonsncomics ☎️ 💕babygoat: @butterbeann 💕 😽tik tok queen: @katiebugg16 😽 🍥 naruto freak: @creepycoyote556 🍥 🥑the one who loves avocado toast: @olordd 🥑 🌧ceo of quotes: @cloudyquotes 🌧 💫astro girl: @cutiegirl4683 💫 🦋hamilton lover: @teagan_kennedy 🦋 👑queen of all things crazy: @sunkisseq 👑 😛the happy weirdo: @seweedbrain_wisegirl 😛 ❤️jonas brothers lover: @hazelnut119 ❤️ ❣️and others❣️ @tackcollagesbyjosie @bremmie2 @pattesop0004 @midnight-love @kelsi_bunny @thedirtbike @emslusher77 @alanahjonas @fqiryliqhtx @sophias44 @daretodream303 @sophie_the_peach @amandalyynnnn @sad_broken_coff @ryleighwatrous16 @cutiii_girl @ulitzla_trujillo @barrel_racer1522 @likeosofa @stilesnatalie71 @rosexmoon @wereintheendgame @andylomo @fresh_niece144 @ugh_camryn @h_zain786 @-_rachel_gardener_- @we_tuk_a_chonce @layler25 @stea-man @kenna5186 @lizzie_1234567 @zainajellyjuice @christianbale112 @moonlight_036 @biblefangirl @200151621 @abella-06 @rat_lover_7000 @sope_elogi93 @stormystormcloud @alanahamilton084 @potter_girl_70 @wird_bitch @madelynnc44 @ryrue8 @eleven_edits_eleven @malakmimihansali @billiecim @volleyballstar10 @-jenniferlawrence- @what_a_honey_boo @amqh49 @imthedrawlord @its_cooper43 @vic_tor_34 @mia_shields53 @brezieaesthetics @ava_bah @ash_writes @ryleemaree @loonymellark @live-laugh-books @gggachalifeee @fertigmensch2020 @ave_aesthetics @galactic_potato65 @fin_fin_13 @thegaydisneyprince @beachgurl11 @taylorrae777 🥶dm me to be added or removed!🥶 🤩dm me if you want a nickname on here! i’ll put it next to your @🤩 😇💙if you were on my taglist and changed your username, dm me your old username and your new one so i can update my taglist!💙😇 ❤️🎈my pinterest: “🤠abigail🤠”🎈❤️ 🤑🥇#’s🥇🤑 #sadtweets #sad #sadtext #tweet #twitter