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I used a plastic grocery bag as a pattern. looks to be totes upcycled from T-shirts or other sleeveless tops. Could be nice gift for a teacher.

Zippered bag

DIY Sew Makeup Bag DIY Projects Or larger. Keep it flat at make placemats

IPod bag - I'm always looking for a better way to charge my phone!

Need to make a bigger, simpler version to keep hub's wallet/stuff off the counter

Estación de complementos para la mesa de la máquina de coser. Pinchar alfileres, tener tijeras a mano y poder tirar los restos de hilo todo en uno.

So genius! SewInStyle Thread Catcher / Scrap Caddy with by CurryBungalow . in my fantasy land I will use my glamping time to crochet and this would be perfect!

How to make a pincushion with a old CD and a empty (and clean) tin of tuna...

Cute hat pin cushion made with an old CD and an empty (clean) tuna can. Maybe even add some steel wool for pin sharpening.

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