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Elion's own Heineken A-yeast. This beer in the green bottle is a giant from the Netherlands and much loved by those who drink it!

Heineken: Don't drink and drive #creative #ad #marketing

Heineken: Don't drink and drive I like this . however, I don't see that it's telling me NOT to drink and drive. It almost appears that it's telling me TO drink and drive.

Heineken print advertisement. I love how it's so simple and deliciously creative as an ad. Wonderful art direction as well.

Inspiration Gallery #023 — Beer Ads

See the best collection of Heineken ads in our top tuned Heineken beer commercial gallery! Scroll down and let your eyes gulp down those fabulous alcohol ads!

Creative Ads archive - including Heineken, but also Lego and many other fun topics. http://www.dailyinspiration.nl/category/creative-ads/

Vintage Heineken Ad’s To celebrate its anniversary, Heineken has opened up its archives and invited people to re-design its old advertisements. Here’s a look at some of their vintage print.

5. Heineken - This is my favorite amongst all the 'bottom/ass' themed ads. It's fun, it's true, it's a call to action. It makes you stop to look.

Ass-vertising (Safe For Work)

Frigo de Heineken gigante #Publicidad #StreetMK impresionante!

Heineken turned this billboard into a giant fridge, enticing thirsty passersby with a cool, refreshing drink that can be seen miles away.

Heineken #Advert

The Print Ad titled Heineken: Bottle openers was done by Fischer America Sao Paulo advertising agency for Heineken in Brazil.

Heineken Reveals Winner of Your Future Bottle ‘Remix’ Challenge \\ Runner up

Heineken Reveals Winner of Your Future Bottle ‘Remix’ Challenge

Heineken Reveals Winner of Your Future Bottle ‘Remix’ Challenge — The Dieline - Package Design Resource

Heineken. Great use of imagery to link concerts with Heineken.

The Print Ad titled Concert was done by JWT Milan advertising agency for product: Heineken Jammin Festival (brand: Heineken) in Italy.