Modeling and crafting cute dolls, flowers and animal figures with air-dry cold porcelain clay also known as biscuit, porcelana fria, masa flexible, pasta di mais and homemade corn starch paste.

Hoot Hoot

Animal themed cakes are great for your child's birthday. Let's take a look at this collection of owl cakes, made by people from around the world.

Angry Birds making tutorials

Angry Birds -Angry Birds making tutorials – – Cake Decorating Tutorials (How Tos) Tortas Paso a Paso Angry Birds -Angry Birds making tutorials – – Cake Decorating Tutorials (How Tos)…


Love the texture pressed into the tummies. And the Viking helmets, of course!


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Nautical baby shower cake

I love making baby shower cakes almost as much as weddings. This is a re creation of my previous design to match the baby shower colours of gold, blue and white.


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