Alfama, Lisbon - One of the most charming neighbourhoods of Lisbon with its characteristic maze of narrow streets, where you can enjoy a variety of Fado houses, local restaurants, trendy bars and picturesque houses // Portugal

Lisbon is not easy to compare with any other city on the planet. Lisbon isn’t necessarily the very first city you think about visiting when planning a visit to Europe. Lisbon spans a string of hills, which makes it one …

A Ginginha - Lisboa,Portugal. If you go to Lisbon and you dont try Morello cherry liquor (with them/without them. Meaning the cherries) you just havent gone to Lisbon. Its been around for ages.

São Vicente de Fora, #Lisbon, the colors of the dawn #Portugal

São Vicente de Fora, Lisbon, Portugal Lisboa, Portugal see more in Enjoy…

Calçada da Bica Grande

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