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Eduardo Leandro

Eduardo Leandro
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You Can Do Better Than Fifty Shades of Grey This Valentines

People, you can be better than Fifty Shades of Grey this Valentines! Seductive innuendos aside, get innovative and go the extra mile for your guy this

Functional Shelves and Tables Built From Fallen South American Trees

Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz is no stranger to turning unwanted items into functional art pieces. Previously, he turned a dead chicken into a lamp, now he’s turned a fallen tree branch into a unique bookshelf called ‘Bilbao’.

Know Your BIke

First I thought, woah, nice exploded bike diagram, then I started reading it and I laughed a little. It was aqua flippers that caught my attention.

Experimente saber reclamar

Experimente saber reclamar

Upside-Down Mugs, Designer Henry Franks and Dyslexia

Designer Henry Franks has dyslexia, and he has the products to prove it. In 2013 he won the prestigious 'New Designer of the Year' Award in London.

A Smoldering Bouquet of Roses Photographed by Ars Thanea

teal-deer: “ itscolossal: “ A Smoldering Bouquet of Roses Photographed by Ars Thanea ” One of the two inspirations for the item I submitted to RPG Superstar last year.

Rain-Ready Racer

ArtStation - McLaren-Honda Formula 1 Concept with closed cockpit, Andries van Overbeeke