I super want this shelf...I would look at it everyday and think..."maybe there is a wonderland...and maybe I am there!" That would make my brain happy and of course my eyes would be happy looking at it!

Stacked Cabinet No.7 by Vincent Leman (Wood Cabinet

Haws W / Kraus Schoenberg Architects

Haws W / Kraus Schoenberg Architects

Great interior architecture by Haws W / Kraus design and decoration house design design office design

Poucas coisas agradam tanto os amantes de livros quanto vê-los um ao lado do outro em prateleiras e estantes.  Inclusive, segundo uma pesquisa da American University, esse é o motivo pe                                                                                                                                                     Mais

11 estantes de livros que qualquer leitor adoraria ter em casa

Usually the living room interior of the exposed brick wall is rustic, elegant, and casual. Exposed brick wall will affect the overall look of your house more appreciably.

Casa Cor São Paulo 2016 - Roberto Migotto

Casa Cor SP 2016

In small rooms of apartments, a bookcase can become a hindrance in decorating, fighting for space with other furniture. On the other hand, whenever it is possible to combine the functionality of two objects...Trick is a bookcase , but it is also a table with two chairs . When the two pieces are removed from the ends to the center, they become chairs. The middle piece gives rise to a table, which can be used for dining or as a workstation.

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This great table looks just like a bookshelf when it’s closed- would looks lovely with a few ornaments on- a hidden dining table! Great for a tiny house!

a library style room that would work as a studio space for a book lover with the addition of a daybed or sleeper sofa instead of the lounger. I like the central work table/dining table/desk idea:)