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Barneys, Bergdorf's, Bloomies, & Bendel's! #angelina #jolie icon

Angelina Jolie as Jada, Annie's sister. Annie is the dreamer. They aren't very much alike at all, though they both smoke.

“ I was actually quite a cool kid. I was not tough. I was certainly independent and bold. I was never teased. I never had any trouble from anybody… I was never satisfied. I had trouble sleeping. I...

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Keep the branches exactly as they are, ut, instead of the butterfly wing, make that side a cluster of monarchs flying with some landed on the branch stretched out. Also, shading it so that it pops out and making it more realistic looking.


Thailand-Magic-Tattoos-Sak-Yant: Five columns tattoo, love how it is a talisman too ie tailored according to your astrological chart for maximum protection, blessings & empowerment from 'above'

- Temporary yant tattoo regarded as Maha Yant –highest level among yants-. Provides love, promotion, good luck and personal charm to its wearer.