Timeless Breakfasts, Caffeine, Wine, Crippled Lazy Light, Wool and WHITE. and more White. Daily life images 'cause i like it.

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"World Kiss Day ! Concours GLOSSYBOX" ralph lauren, engagement pose, love, couples, this photo rocks!

It would definitely be cool to get a pic like this........just saying

How to be Irresistible to Men – A Man’s Perspective:just love this picture

Stunning intimate engagement photos from Apple and Arrow Photography based in Phoenix, AZ.

Stunning intimate engagement photos from Apple and Arrow Photography based in Phoenix, AZ.

I wish I could do this!!!!

“It is a happy talent to know how to play. Being able to play with those you love is possibly the sweetest gift life offers.

So I have never actually done a lifestyle session, not that I don't want to, just never had the chance nor really pushed it. But I must say after seeing this, well yes the photographer is amazing!! and the setting is just breathtaking but geeze.. Completely inspired to do a lifestyle session

Phil Chester // Portland Wedding Photographers // Based in Portland, Phil is also available for US and international work.

my husband & I would completely surrender to each other & it would be beautiful & holy <3

Good morning beautiful I love you I miss you badly. I will never stop trying to get you back. I want you sooooo bad. You're my first thought in the morning and every thought throughout the day. Even while I sleep you're on my mind.

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Romantic and sensual boudoir photography for the groom as a wedding gift or just for fun (twilight picture)

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I pray soon. my heart is aching to be with you. not being able to do all these things with you makes me sad. I'm wanting our relationship to blossom.

every morning I am going to wrap you up just like this and say "good morning beautiful, I love you.I love you, honey.


intimate bedroom photoshoot by Orlando, Florida wedding photographer Kristen Weaver Photography