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Dorm Room

My Colorful Sophomore Dorm - Bowtiful Life

I moved out of my sophomore dorm two and a half weeks ago and I already miss it! It’s certainly nice to have my own room again, but I loved the way we decorated our dorm this year. My roommates and I added personal touches on pretty much every wall and I contributed a lot of […]

Dorm room

Dorm room

Dorm Decorating Ideas BY STYLE

Dorm Room Decorating Ideas BY STYLE - Society19

Dorm room ideas that will make your dorm room the hippest in your dorm. Our editors came up with the ideas for your dorm room and we update it regularly.

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The 10 Coolest Dorm Rooms On Instagram - Society19

Decorating your dorm room may be harder than anticipated; so these are a few of the coolest dorm rooms on Instagram to give you a little inspiration!

navyornothing: anabundanceofkatharene: Sweet... - iTexasPrincess♛


navyornothing: “ anabundanceofkatharene: “ Sweet home Alabama ☺️ ” dorm room goals girly!!! ”

love the under the bed storage

2 Preps & a Dorm Room

After all summer of planning, list-making, and ENDLESS trips to Bed Bath & Beyond, I am happy to announce I am finally moved in! I have a tendency to get visions in my head and go to all ends to make those visions a reality. Well my vision has finally come truly! In the beginning of summer, moving into my dorm room literally seemed so far away. Years even. My mom basically had to force me to order my bedding in June because I assumed I would have so much time later in the summer. I was…