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Summary: Ornamental fish aquaria are always an attractive add to your decoration design. Moreover, fish are marvelous pets that are liked by many. Are you planning on installing your first aquarium?

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Carpet aquarium plants or foreground aquarium plants are these species of aquatic plants which cover the bottom of your water tank. They are the most important plants in aquascaping. Carpet plants are shorter than other plants and successfully fill the front of your aquarium. Lilaeopsis, Micro Sword, Micranthenum ,Pogestemon, Lobelia mini, Hemianthus thalicroides " Cuba ", Dwarf Baby Tears, or Eleocharis parvula, Dwarf spikerush, Eleocharis accicularis, Dwarf hairgrass, Hemianthus…

Real plants do wonders for aquariums, providing fish with oxygen and even food. They keep the water chemistry more balanced, and provide scenery for you and hiding places for fish and other tank inhabitants.

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We can offer you many species of live aquarium plants. You will be able to design and create your own unique aquarium world filled with green plants.