Kircher and the Tower of Babel

JF Ptak Science Books Post 2145 When Nimrod set out to build his tower to the heavens (Genesis amidst much begating and living to 207 years) he evidently did not consider the physical aspects of the structure and its.

Paintings by Michael Kerbow Warn of Dire Consequences for Current Actions

Their Refinement of the Decline / Michael Kerbow / Kerbow's paintings warn of dire consequences should we continue to industrialize without regulation or care of the environment

Tower of Babel by LAKost

contemporary interpretation " Tower of Babel" Tower of Babel

Meister der Weltenchronik, Construction of the Tower of Babel, c. 1380

ca. 1370 - Tower of Babel - German Late Medieval - Depiction of the construction of the tower

Savery Roelant - The Tower of Babel. 1602.

flemishgarden: “Roelant Savery -Tower of Babel in paintings 1602 Oil on canvas Germanische Nationalmuseum, Nuremberg ”

Anna Fine Foer

Anna Fine Foer // Tower of Babble // watercolor and collage // x