studio mumbai

Belavali House / Studio Mumbai


Estate in Extremadura par Abaton Architects

stone residence located in Mani, Peloponnese, Greece, was designed by HHH Architects.

Stylish Accommodation And Unique Villa Experience At The Architect's Villa. The Architect’s Villa is a newly built villa designed for those who seek a styli.

Galeria de Referências essenciais do mundo da arte para a formação de qualquer arquiteto - 57

Galeria de Referências essenciais do mundo da arte para a formação de qualquer arquiteto - 57

340 ton boulder - public space - not afraid of new things Levitated Mass, a sculpture by Michael Heizer, Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Fernando Alda

Image 2 of 22 from gallery of San Jerónimo Atelier / CUAC Arquitectura. Photograph by Fernando Alda

Calm atmosphere inside the Giorgio Armani store in Sao Paolo by Claudio Silvestrin.

Minimalist elegance of the Giorgio Armani stores in Sao Paulo & Seoul, designed by Claudio Silvestrin.

stunning use of materials | finishes | minimalism | neutral space | stone and wood | natural lighting

smooth glass, contemporary white minimalism, contrasted with textured stone wall and natural grain of the timber floor

Via Sistina Apartment by Serena Romanò (2)

Contemporary Yet Rustic Apartment on the Via Sistina

VOIS architects — Antiparos Katikia 1 — Immagine 1 di 13 - Divisare by Europaconcorsi

The residence is located at the “valley” of Antiparos, surrounded by an environment of agricultural character, gentle topography, sparse buildings of small scale, natural vegetation coexisting with crops of olives and vines. This is a reconstruction of th

Galeria - Respeito à pedra / Dom Arquitectura - 91

Galeria de Respeito à pedra / Dom Arquitectura - 10

Stone Respect is a house rehabilitation project designed by Dom Arquitectura, located close to the river in the village of Noutigos, in Carnota, Spain.