Large Containers of succulents on Santa Barbara patio - I started my collection of containers full of succulents - Sequin Gardens

a lovely colony of aloe polyphylla! stunning with the light stone.maybe when mine blooms I can collect seed and start more!

Ivani Kubo Paisagismo: Varanda - Paisagismo - Jardim em Terraço de Apartamento

Apparently the gardening seems to be a common daily routine business that is just like all other daily matters. To maintain your garden and to mainta…

Using Architectural Plants in the Garden

Using Architectural Plants in the Garden

using architectural plants for focalpoints. This horsetail plant makes a great modern hedge between two yards. the Garden Glove

O piso intervalado disposto em círculos deu movimento à entrada da casa. Algumas pedras foram dispensadas para que ali se cultivassem pequenas plantinhas. Projeto de Paula Galbi.

Entrada da casa - piso, porta, plantas ~ Move the plants and put the pavers back. Put a bench to each side.

jardim vertical : blocos de cimento + tijolinho + cobogós

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