"Biblioteca Joanina" at Coimbra, Portugal.

Biblioteca Joanina – Grand & Historic Library in Coimbra - Portugal Confidential

Santa Clara, Coimbra, Portugal

Santa Clara is a Portuguese parish in the municipality of Coimbra. It has a population of 9637 and an area of km². It is an urban parish, in the city Coimbra, and on the south (left bank) of the Mondego river.

Torre dos clérigos, Oporto, Portugal  http://www.travelandtransitions.com/destinations/destination-advice/europe/

Torre dos / Tower of Clérigos, Porto - PORTUGAL. Built from 1754 to 1763 under the supervision of the Italian architect Nicolau Nasoni.

Book monument in Lisbon, Portugal.  Lisabon, Portugalsko.

Scenography, Costume Design, History and Art: Fontane a forma di libro / The book fountain / Buch Brunnen / Фонтаны в виде книг.


Welcome to Sao Francisco Monumento Church in Porto. Built in the century, it’s an UNESCO site and has what is considered the most opulent interior of any church in the world. The inside features.

Barcelos - PORTUGAL

Barcelos - PORTUGAL