No helium needed to fill balloons for parties.....just vinegar and baking soda! i need to remember this!

No helium needed to fill balloons for parties.just vinegar and baking soda! I NEED TO REMEMBER THIS! this is important since helium is not a renewable source and is in such short supply-kid science project

Fun Beach Party Ideas and Tips! ~ from ~ you {and your kids} will love these fun ideas for luau and beach theme parties! #thefrugalgirls

Planning a beach-themed party? Here are a few Fun Beach Party Tips to get your creative party planning ideas going!

Paper Bow Templates in Four Perfect for Spring Sizes

Paper Bow Templates in Four Sizes

~ The Fish Bowl - ½ cup Nerds candy, ½ gallon goldfish bowl, 5 oz. vodka, 5 oz. Malibu rum, 3 oz. blue Curacao, 6 oz. sweet-and-sour mix, 16 oz. pineapple juice, 16 oz. Sprite, 3 slices each: lemon, lime, orange, 4 Swedish gummy fish. Sprinkle Nerds on bottom of bowl as “gravel.” Fill bowl with ice. Add remaining ingredients. Serve with 18-inch party straws.

The Fish Bowl

Fish Bowl (or improvise) cup Nerds Candy 5 oz Vodka 5 oz Malibu Rum 3 oz Blue Curacao 6 oz Sweet & Sour Mix 16 oz Pineapple juice 16 oz Sprite 3 slices each Lime, Lemon, Orange 4 Swedish fish

15 LEGO Cake Ideas - These are all so easy and cute!

LEGO Cake Ideas: How to Make a LEGO Birthday Cake

Easy LEGO cake ideas that anyone can make. Birthday cakes, special occasion cupcakes and even LEGO cake pops!

Emoji Birthday Party with Happy Face Emoticons! Perfect party idea for your teen!

Emoji Birthday Party

Cake Stand DIY...loooove it!  A Beautiful Mess Blog

Z: Maybe with dinos instead? [Wild Cat Cake Stand DIY - A Beautiful Mess]

Mini Jello Aquariums - These Jell-O and candy filled treats are so fun for parties!!  Little ones love to see the candy fish "swimming" in the bowl.  Inexpensive, simple, and impressive!!

Mini Jello Aquariums - How CUTE is this? Mix plain jello with hot refrigerate in jar till set, put jelly beans in the bottom of another jar, dump the set jello on top of the jelly beans, cut a slit and add Swedish fish candy. A candy jello aquarium!

Taste the Rainbow… Jello! My mother used to make this when I was a kid..sooo yummy and fun for kids!!

Taste the Rainbow... Jello

To die for thin mint brownies Caramel Glazed Apple Bread Rainbow Jello Dessert colorful rainbow dessert whip cream jello layer

What a neat idea when you host a summer bbq. love the labels and the lids keep the flies and bugs out.

YES for labels for drinks and YES for fruit salad in jars like this ! - Fruit salad + Plenty of cakes for dessert.

Elegant pink and gold party

Pink and gold mini cakes in place of a big traditional wedding cake. Your guests each get their own mini naked cake and enjoy the perfect serving size!

Pineapple Bacon Cheeseball -- Treat your guests to this tasty appetizer that takes just 20 minutes to make. Recipe and photo by blogger, Glenda Embree, or

Pineapple Bacon Cheeseball -- Treat your guests to this tasty appetizer that…