Moroccan tea glasses

Beautiful Moroccan tea glasses- I am going to collect tea cups/sets from around the world from now on.

Orange and green

(LIFE) Her eyes are so beautiful. I just love how the entire photo is filled with the bright orange drapes of her head cover and then you just go straight to the bright green of her eyes.

Tea ❤

podstakannik set (with the glasses) and a matching tea pot. Don't know why but I'm slightly obsessed with this style of teacup!

rich colors of India

India has always been an inspiration for color and texture, and we're going to show you just what we love about the home of Bollywood Beauty.

Moroccan Tea cups on silver tray with authentic tea pot

Moroccan Mint Tea served in beautiful crystal glasses. Those shown here are cobalt and ruby, gilded, by Cristal Saint Louis, France. They also come in Emerald, and can be used for wine glasses at the Jewish Passover dinner called the Seder.

mint tea, Moroccan style

Mint tea, Morocco ~ I would love to have some of this.and I want to have it in Morocco.

I don't support this hijab style. However, im loving those bright eyes shes showing off.

What is Hijab Come from the root word “hajaba” to cover from view or to conceal covering as appeared behind a curtain modest covering of Muslim women. Hijab forces a man to look at a woman with respect rather than as object.

Love the color of her hijab!

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