Torre Belém, Lisboa, via Amazing Photography Of Cities

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Gloves by Order - Lisbon, Lisboa

Gloves by Order : Luvaria Ulisses, Lisbon.Portugal Rua do Carmo 1200 Lisboa…

Traditional Windmill, Azores, Portugal.

Traditional Windmill, Azores, Portugal - Not a Lighthouse or a Cloud but its at home here.

Ponte de Lima, Portugal

Traditional buildings of the northren Portugal - Ponte de Lima, Portugal

Lantern Walk, Ponte de Lima, Portugal

*** by Luis Valadares on - Lantern Walk, Ponte de Lima, Portugal

I'm Portuguese

I hate when I am asked this or when people don't even know that Portugal borders Spain!

The portuguese Venice - Aveiro #Portugal

the portuguese Venice, with its "moliceiros boats", canals and bridges -

Cascais, Portugal

Cascais, Lisbon Region, Portugal Enjoy Portugal Cottages and Manor Houses Travel to Portugal Portugal Honeymoons

Amália Rodrigues

Amália Rodrigues, the greatest Fado singer ever, proud and beautiful forever.

Riding a portuguese Lusitano horse in a Portuguese vineyard

english style horseback riding and vineyards.the best of both worlds! with Burton Burton Burton Flemming and Pearl Liu Grinsteinner Barley