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Corretora Pandora
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All About Virgo Zodiac Sign- Famous celebrities like Beyonce and Salma Hayek are Virgos! Check out Virgo traits and astrological compatibility with other.


VIRGO, i care about getting it done, and done right.the first time.i'm a very detail-oriented person. I'm not ,I just Sweety a better way

yes! most a virgo if you want a job done well, always.

Virgo - Generally, a Virgo doesn& feel the need to be in charge unless they feel something is being done poorly or wrong. If you want it done well, ask a Virgo.

true. lol i say this all the gotta prove yourself to me that you can handle this

lol i have a hard time finding those real friends but when i do i hold on to them :)


I'm not into flashy showboat affection, but I do love everyday complete honesty, true friendship and authenticity in actions.