Organic Metal Screen - Like the way it transitions onto the soffit/jamb condition.

Victoria Center / PZP Arhitectura

Near Staircase (bamboo shaft) - Laser Cut Metal Screen - Pattern bleeds onto the ceiling and side wall


-metal screen- Architect Peter Pichler has converted an existing century farmhouse into a family home in Puglia, Italy, adding these perforated shutters over its facade.

Fibreglass petals overlap to create the transparent roof of Amanda Levete's forest-inspired MPavilion.

The 2015 MPavilion designed by British architect Amanda Levete has opened to the public in Melbourne’s Queen Victoria Gardens.

Gallery of Paprocany Lake Shore Redevelopment / RS+ - 17

Gallery of Paprocany Lake Shore Redevelopment / RS+ - 17

Image 17 of 25 from gallery of Paprocany Lake Shore Redevelopment / RS+. Photograph by Tomasz Zakrzewski

Bondi_to_Bronte_Coast_Walk_Extension-Aspect_Studios-04 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine

Bondi to Bronte Coast Walk Extension by Aspect Studios « Landscape Architecture Works

Gallery of Forest Pavilion / nArchitects - 9

Gallery of Forest Pavilion / nArchitects - 9

On May framed by green bamboo vaults, Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou stood at a podium inside Forest Pavilion to inaugurate the Masadi Art Fest.

The End of Sitting - Projects – RAAAF

The end of Sitting is an installation created by RAAAF (Rietveld Architecture-Art Affordances) in collaboration with Looiersgracht 60 (Soraya Notoadikusumo

Blocs-77-Green-Camouflage-by-Shma-Company-Limited-17 « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine

Blocs Green Camouflage by Shma Company Limited « Landscape Architecture Works