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California: Andrea Cochran On a two-and-a-half acre landscape in Geyserville, California, Andrea Cochran found that compatibility was key. “Although not all of the plants are native to California, they are native to the Mediterranean and arid regions with similar climates,” she says. Lomandra— an Australian herb—flanks a Cor-Ten steel staircase and a walkway lined with Yosemite tan pebbles and concrete.

Andrea Cochran Geyserville Residence, California This design reconnects the residence with the surrounding landscape: plantings of drought tolerant native grasses and succulents, CorTen steel Photography: Marion Brenner

Corten steel steps

The stairs made from Cor-Ten steel risers (which develop a rich, rusted patina) and are filled with gravel in order to create a nonslip surface that drains well. The steel and steelwork is by Virginia Industrial. Read the full article here.