Basket Tree is a sculptural piece of playground equipment with five basketball hoops. The unique design allows children of different ages (and heights) to play basketball. The tree was installed in a playground in Nantes by French architecture firm Agency/LTA.

Basket Tree, A Five Basketball Hoop Playground Sculpture

Delightful Multi-Hoop Basketball Tree French architecture firm a/LTA has designed the perfect urban park fixture in Nantes, France for kids of all ages and sizes!

Garden City Play Environment

Play Places/Natural Places Richmond, BC Client: City of Richmond Completed Garden City Park is a new park located near Richmond City Hall and.

07 KLA_Drapers-Field_Riding-the-Wave « Landscape Architecture Works | Landezine

Image 6 of 11 from gallery of Drapers Field / Kinnear Landscape Architects. Photograph by Adrian Taylor

Karl-Johan Ekeroths interactive sound sculpture for children, where the voice is the best toy.

Visually interesting and playfully purposeful, "Invoxicated" is an interactive sound effects sculpture by Karl-Johan Ekeroth. He says, "Invoxicated is a interactive play sculpture where children can experience the pure joy of playing with sound effects i

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