Simple DIY Gift Box


DIY: gift box with recycled Christmas cards! Any cards really. No matter that the card was signed by someone else. Or if it worked out use the card given to you by the person you are giving the gift t (Diy Gifts)

Gift Wrap Idea

love this wrap with the ribbon through the card. No more potentially lost cards with present! Also can tie ribbon to gift bag with card through!

Cupcake Liner Bows

Cupcake Liner Bows

DIY Marbleized Ribbon

Crafting doesn't need to stop at the gift itself. This DIY marbleized ribbon is the perfect way to wrap your gift with a final pop of color. Color your own ribbon with this step-by-step tutorial by Jordan Ferney.

Gift Wrap Tips: 3 Ways to be a Wrap Star

When I was in middle school, I was obsessed with going to the basement level of John Wanamaker's to watch the professional wrapping paper people wrap gifts. They made nice crisp edges, used double-sided tape so you couldn't see visible.

DIY Compliment Candy Bar Wrappers

DIY Compliment Candy Bar Wrappers

DIY Gold Edged Gift Boxes

DIY Gold Edged Gift Boxes

DIY Gold Edged Gift Boxes on Maritza Lisa - Create your own gift boxes with gold borders or edges using gold foil and cardstock. Click through for the tutorial!

How to Make DIY Bubble Art Gift Wrap

DIY Bubble art gift wrap

No time left to buy wrapping paper for your gifts? How about you make this bubble art gift wrap craft supplies that you may already have at home under 10 minutes