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Steve Harrington/ Joe Keery from Stranger Things. He redeemed himself in the end, despite being such a douche bag to Nancy.

Stranger Things, Mike

Another warmup/cool down sketch of Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things. Every time I re watch the show, I always pick up things that I missed.

Dustin “Toothless” from “Stranger Things”. He reminded me of myself when I was younger. The pudding scene reminded me so much…

Dustin “Toothless” from “Stranger Things”. He is my favorite, i had barley even started watching it and knew he was my favorite

Resultado de imagen de will byers funko

Here was a fan art illustration of Will Byers/ Noah Schnapp from “Stranger Things”. I have a bit of a fan theory about how the monster and the Upside Down world exists, and it involves Will.