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menino das alianças

so much smaller than the boys, but how cute is this? Page boy outfits. So cute! Suspenders and linen. : I need all my 7 page boys in these!

Nada de jogar o buquê no casamento: coloque num cofre!

Every girl gets a key & tries to see if she holds the key. Nice alternative to the traditional bouquet toss. Option instead of the traditional Bouquet Toss. Every Bridesmaid gets a key and gets to see is she has the key to open it.

Buquê de noiva pode ser disputado com fitas no seu casamento, sem mocinhas elegantes se atropelando.....

Alternative to tossing the bouquet. Tie it and have each "eligible" lady hold their own ribbon. The bride cuts the ribbons, one by one. The last lady with her ribbon uncut gets the bouquet! (Ideas for incorporating moms dress?

The Ultimate Fishtail Braid Tutorial

French fishtail braid tutorial for medium and long hair tutorial. Watch her style her own hair in mins.