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I'm the bottom left, and the one in the bottom middle. I'm very protective over the twins honestly lol

I am the bottom middle and some times right top and left bottom😉😝😂😂😂

Thank you Ethan and Grayson. They will probably never see this and probably don't care but they helped me through a lot

I was thinking of committing suicide, then I saw the Dolan Twins talk about loving yourself. I am now going to college at UC Berkeley in the summer.

No Eeteeweetee no they can't pet them genius

Ethan Dolan Imagine

Ethan Dolan Imagine

Grayson Dolan Imagine

This is literally the way Grayson and I will start dating no joke 😂

Omg there Is nothing ever made better than this!!!!!

Just swap the Grayson and Ethan around and this is the perfect picture

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His smile makes me so happy. I love you so much Ethan Dolan! Always and forever!

ladies and gentlemen... i present to you the worlds most perfect human being!!!

ladies and gentlemen. i present to you the worlds most perfect human being! After his brother of course 😉

Same I will never stop loving them. Even when I'm married to Ethan;) - @dmdolans

well of course i wont cause ethan will be my brother in law and gray will be my husband :)