Cristina Huang

Cristina Huang

Cristina Huang
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bom exercício para decompor o movimento

Male models completing various actions. Should be quite useful for figure drawing. Focus: the different angles of the body Poses

Ib Game, Anime Art, Black Brown Hair, Anime Girls, Rpg Maker, Vampires, Kawaii, History, Girls

Quando eu tô com muita fome

Undyne might be able to suplex a boulder, but Frisk can hold anything on their head forever even OVER 9000 hotdogs

Anyone ever wonder what happened to ink!paps? He's never in any of the comics.... Lemme know in the comments if you have a theory!

yup turns out I enjoy the 1 hour challenge.this unfortunately took 1 hour and a half. Guess its a fail on the challenge, but hey. Worth it. Enjoy a very angry Blind? Inktale Sans and Papyrus


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