Porto is home to Café Au Lait, an intimate alternative music spot in the heart of the city’s nightclub-laden downtown. Café Au Lait is known as Porto’s landmark venue for international and local musicians and DJs alike.

Bookstore Lelo Porto  Must see this place!

How can I get one of these staircases in my dream house? Because it is awesome. Lonely Planet classified this bookshop as the third best bookshop in the world, Livraria Lello & Irmão in Porto, Portugal (by Ricardo Bevilaqua).


"Fado neither be understood nor explained, one has to experience it" Amália Rodrigues. Taste the best Portuguese dishes with the incredible sound of Fado. Includes pick-up and drop-off in the hotel in a Mini Limousine, the offer of a bottle of champa

Romance in Porto, Portugal

A riverside town, Porto exudes romance and offers everything that a loving couple could want: peace, beauty and romance.


Porto, Portugal ~ by Steve Sharp