Muebles de oficina con materiales reciclados de una manera excelente, bella y soberbia

Escritório mobiliado com páletes e blocos de cimento

escritorios y despachos con palets. reused wood pallets - if I ever have the ability to design my own office space, this is what it will look like

Flowering chairs | A Tulip Seat for Public Spaces, in Holland

Creatieve tulp-stoelen in Eindhoven. Tulip chairs in the Netherlands. ingenious outdoor chairs for the public - tulip flip chairs

Cantilever Chair by Barrington Gohns

Cantilever Chair by Barrington Gohns The user is able to adjust the angle of the seat by slotting the stainless steel bars, which the leather seat hangs off, in and out of cavities.

interactive public seating is needed in hobart city to promote innovation and is a talking point

Stylish Multifunctional Coffee Bench - by Karolina Tylka. this is so awesome

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