Lisboa, Portugal

Minha querida e amada Lisboa. Mas que raios temos o atlântico que nos separa

Torre de Belém, Lisboa.

Torre de Belém ou Torre de São Vicente é uma torre fortificada situada na freguesia de Santa Maria de Belém, no concelho de Lisboa, Portugal

Lisboa, Portugal

La Baixa. Lisboa. Portugal SNP Consultores, especialistas en márketing…

Viana do Castelo, #Portugal Traditional costumes,wow i remember as young child dressed up with one of those costumes and dance down the brink roads,with other family members they were much older than I was at that time.So even today I love!!!to hear and see lots of this songs from my old country ,and foods and my beautiful bright colors to dance ,wow surely miss being a little one on my daddys hand and dance for him and many others.

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