tiles on the floor

Patchwork cement tile floors and walls. Patchwork tile has become incredibly popular lately, and we stock ready-made mixes to save our clients from having to pick and choose complimentary patterns.


Azulejos in Pinhao, Portugal - Handmade tiles can be colour coordinated and customized re.

Azulejos de Azeitao - Bacalhoa Palace

Tiles produced at Azulejos da Azeitao for the the Quinta da Bacalhoa Palace. Flat hand painted tiles as well as relief tiles with different colored glazes.

azulejos - portuguese tiles

Portugese tiles speak of old world charm, and it's hard to beat the sunny optimism of blue, white and yellow . Nostalgic is a pattern hungry zone, and hand painted tiles feed the need well.

Unique ancient Santa Maria Church with stuning tiles - Covilha , Portugal

Unique ancient Santa Maria Church with stunning tiles - Covilha , Portugal