Hudson RXS (update)

Since this creation was well recieved I decided to do some minor rework and try my hands on some stickers.

Beirut AT-89 #LEGOmecha by Adrian Florea

Adrian Florea seems to have cornered the market on unconventional, spiky mecha. In contrast, Adrian’s design for the mecha’s head is beautifully smooth.


Dominating the battlefield, Heavily-armed by Ryuhei Kawai (kwi-chang)

VW T1 Renntransporter

The VW flatbed Transporter with a longer wheelbase as used by the Rennstall Bunker.

Such a swooshable LEGO space fighter

[The USS "Angrily Constipated Turtle," a fine, sturdy picket ship. Somewhat lacking in the speed department.

by J5N, via Flickr

GFK "RODAN" Warsuit mkII Mashup of various concept Mecha designs I've been drooling over recently. The feet are tiny, but support the mecha with relatively few problems. If I have the impetus, I will take more shots with additional weapon configurations.

Ma.K I.M.A. S.A.F.S. Quoll | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

“When I started building again I bought a heap of white as there are lots of great pieces in white, making things cost effective, but then It got boring.