Silver Surfer by Jack Kirby and Joe Sinnott

Silver Surfer by Jack Kirby and inked by Joltin' Joe Sinnott. This piece appeared as the cover to Jack Kirby Collector in

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Probably my favourite drawing of Doc Doom (though this looks like it may have been redrawn by someone else from the classic 'Marvelmania' poster. Still, it's a nice rendition, & kinda cool to have a clearcut version!

A Jack Kirby original........

I could never figure out why such an uber-nazi would call himself the "Red" Skull - oh hang on, besides the fact that his um, skull mask happened to be, um.

Fantastic Four by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee.

thebaxterbuilding: A pinup of The Thing from Fantastic Four before his bricks had set.

rodrigobaeza:  Jack Kirby, pencil art given as a wedding gift to Don Heck in 1966

rodrigobaeza: “Jack Kirby: pencil art given as a wedding gift to Don Heck in 1966 ” I should have invited Jack Kirby to my wedding.

Your Pal Jack Kirby

Your Pal, Jack "King" Kirby! It's hard to underestimate the cultural impact of comics creator Jack Kirby .

©Jack Kirby

Jack Kirby Cleveland Browns Fantasy Illustration Original Art (NFL Properties, c. Cleveland Browns head - Available at 2009 February Signature Comics.