Ribeira Grande, São Miguel Island / Azores  Portugal

Photo of Ribeira Grande, São Miguel Island / Azores (Açores) ¦ pilago

Beautiful Madeira, Azores Portugal

Beautiful Madeira, Azores Portugal- would be awesome to go to the flower festival

Azores Portugal

For USA Today, the Azores Islands are among the most interesting spots for snorkeling in the World. If you enjoy discovering all the wildlife in the Azores waters, take a look at our website and start making plans for next summer :)

Azores | Portugal | Europe

Sete Cidades Lagoon - On the west side of São Miguel Island is a stunning place, Sete Cidades, where there are two lakes in the middle of a volcanic crater. This is the most popular national park in the Azores.

Azores, Portugal

The Omniscient Eye: Azores An amazing shot of the Azores Islands of Portugal situated in the Atlantic ocean. A lush paradise of sapphire blue lakes and volcanic landscape.

Azore - Portugal

This photo from Acores, Islands is titled 'Sea Week at Faial (IV) - Azores'.