I love Barbie- Appropriate Party Attire Suggestions for my I love Barbie Party

Australia - ha ha these are greatespecially love lactating barbieGOT MILK welfare barbie transgender barbie sorority slut barbie lactating barbie goth barbie gangsta barbie exotic dancer barbiecouncil estate barb - pg.

[ C ] Mariel Clayton -Room Thirty-Two - Social-Ism (from the series 49 Rooms) (2012) by Cea., via Flickr

Mariel Clayton -Room Thirty-Two - Social-Ism (from the series 49 Rooms)

Bad, Bad Barbie!  What's hidden behind “eternal” Barbie's empty stare and immaculate exterior? Does this seamless exterior hide a dark black heart of a sociopath as in real life? All this inspired photographer Mariel Clayton in creating this excellent concept and her “Bad Barbie”

Barbie in Real Life An excellent concept of the photographer Mariel Clayton, revealing the daily newspaper of the famous Barbie head.

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Please note the trashy boob tattoo on this Italian Hooker Barbie!

bad barbie  une chance qu'elle existait pas dans "mon temps"

badass tattoo barbie - This reminds me of the First episode of the Fifth Season of NCIS Los Angeles: An uncover agent states to one of the bad guys "I can't believe you sent Barbies after me. I hate barbies; when I was a kid, I would rip their heads off.

Bad, bad Barbie.

Bad Barbie by Mariel Clayton

"Dolls" is a photography project using the characters from Barbie as serial killer. Photos made by photographer Mariel Clayton.