Check me out! Miley Cyrus looks like she's borrowed fiance Liam's clothes... as she steps out in over-sized lumberjack shirt

Miley wearing an over-sized lumberjack shirt.We dont have to look polished all the time! =) more offers from the famous brands, feel free to visit: www.

Miley Cyrus Style 2012 | The Fashion Breakfast: Miley Cyrus: street style

“Miley Cyrus-My doll Street Style grunge chicness always on high👌💗💗💗💗”

Miley Cyrus - I want this outfit. @Ashlee Outsen Outsen Colby I feel like you would like this outfit also!

Miley Cyrus' shockingly skinny frame was all the more clear to see today as she headed out in Miami in the most revealing outfit yet of her East Coast trip.

Everytime I see a pic of her I start singing we cant stop, dancing with miley doing what ever we want! this is or house this is our roof yaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Miley Cyrus Spends the Weekend With Liam and Chris Hemsworth

~Liam Hemsworth escorted Miley Cyrus on a shopping trip. Image Source: Pacific Coast News Online~

This picture is wonderful. I miss the old Miley... Pshhhhh, I bet he does too... This is getting deep..

This picture is wonderful. I miss the old Miley cyrus. Pshhhhh, I bet he does too.